Redwood’s three managing partners have–

    • An extraordinary track record of creating and capturing value through innovation in corporate, public and non-profit settings.  Noteworthy individual accomplishments include over 100 granted US patents, 85 technical and peer-reviewed publications, and several prestigious awards, such as R&D 100 awards and Presidential Green Chemistry Award.


    • Led innovation efforts which generated over $1 billion of new product / services revenue in markets as diverse as optical coatings, green chemicals, energy, electronics, water treatment technologies and pharmaceuticals.


    • Served as principal advisors and board members to organizations ranging from start-up technology companies to venture capital funds, Fortune 500 companies, academic centers, the National Academies, and the U.S. Military.


    • Over 100 years of combined innovation experience in senior roles and a proven track record of developing numerous high growth markets and facilitating spin outs from early stage technologies.


    • Extensive experience managing complex and cutting edge R&D portfolios and programs, including DARPA programs, pre-clinical research platforms, and prototyping, which have reached commercial viability.


    • Extraordinary formal training as a Medical Doctor, PhD scientist,  PhD engineer and Finance MBA.