Redwood Innovation Partners, LLC



Redwood is a consulting and advisory firm committed to accelerating scientific and engineering based innovation in the selected fields of advanced functional materials, energy, life sciences, innovative water treatment technologies, and renewable technologies.


Founding Partners:


Redwood’s managing partners have:

  • An extraordinary track record of creating and capturing value through innovation in corporate, public and non-profit settings.  Noteworthy individual accomplishments include over 100 granted US patents, 85 technical and peer-reviewed publications, and several prestigious awards. such as R&D 100 awards and Presidential Green Chemistry Award.
  • Led innovation efforts which generated over $1 billion of new product / services revenue in markets as diverse as optical coatings, green chemicals, energy, electronics, water treatment technologies and pharmaceuticals.
  • Served as principal advisors and board members to organizations ranging from start-up technology companies to venture capital funds, Fortune 500 companies, academic centers, the National Academies, and the U.S. Military.
  • Over 100 years of combined innovation experience in senior roles and a proven track record of developing numerous high growth markets and facilitating spin outs from early stage technologies.
  • Extensive experience managing complex and cutting edge R&D portfolios and programs, including DARPA programs, pre-clinical research platforms, and prototyping , that have reached commercial viability.
  • Trained as a Medical Doctor, PhD scientist and PhD engineer and MBA finance.
  • Offices and extensive networks in the innovation hubs of San Diego, CA, Boston, MA and Columbus, OH.


Value Proposition:

Redwood provides expert leadership and content for critical, innovation-based, opportunities on a timely, variable cost basis.  Our expertise and network spans major growth markets, potential alliance partners, and leading research and innovation centers and institutions in the United States and Asia.



  • R&D and innovation strategy.
  • Open innovation:
    • Creation and management of purpose built innovation networks
    • Protocols for evaluating and testing new, networked, innovation tools—Crowdsourcing, Crowdfunding, Social Entrepreneurship.
  • New product development – spanning the continuum from ideation to laboratory based development
    • Transformation of basic research into product opportunities.
    • Management of Technology and Product development portfolios and major programs including risk mitigation.
    • Development team recruitment and coaching.
  • Commercialization strategy including:
    • Market analysis, business plans and financing options.
    • Marketing plans, partnering, pricing strategy, contacts and sales channel.
    • Design of laboratory, pilot and demonstration scale evaluations.
    • Technology and IP diligence and gap analysis including market analysis and white space identification, operating capabilities, market assessment, competitive analysis and growth and profitability opportunity.
    • Value engineering including component design and material selection to improve product performance and reliability.


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